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Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free

Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free​

Tips for your Telegram App

The instant messaging application Telegram is known around the world for its multiple

First of all, it offers the users the ability to have encrypted conversations,
and therefore, ensures a high level of confidentiality of the exchanges. Second, it is
possible for the users to start a conversation by using a specific device and finish it on
another device.
However, some preference features offered by the app remain unknown to the users.
Therefore, here are a few words of advice in order to maximize your utilization of the

1- Anchor your Identity

Make sure to choose the best telegram username for you. Your username does not necessarily
have to be your real name. It is up to you to decide which username is the most

appropriate to your use of the app.
Two things to bear in mind:
− If necessary, you will have the ability to change your username at any time.
− If the username you are interested in is unavailable, and that creates a
consistency issue for you, you do have the option to claim the desired username.
To do so, you will have to contact the app support team and show them that you
are already using such name on at least two other social media platforms. The
desired username can then be approved for you to use. .
To change your username go to: Settings > Username
To claim a username go to: Settings > Ask a question



2- Customize your Preferences

The app should be the perfect reflection of your preferences. Therefore, you should
know that you have the ability to customize several features:

− Notifications: Every notification can be customized according to your needs.
Notifications from specific contacts can also be enabled or disabled by your
Go to: Contact info > Notifications > Customize and Contact info > Notifications > Deactivate
− Messages: it is up to you to activate or deactivate messages’ preview as you wish.
Go to: Settings > Notifications and Sounds > In-App Preview option
− LED Colors: If you are using an Android device, and only in that case, you can
customize the LED colors in accordance to your preferences.


3- Keep your Data

The access to using the application is being given after providing your phone number. If
you need to update your phone number, make sure not to lose your data by updating the
settings accordingly.
Go to: Settings > Phone Number.


Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free

Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free​

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