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10 Most Popular Bots In Telegram

Telegram, while it’s not the top instant messenger available on mobile platforms, and remains second to WhatsApp, it’s special in its own ways.

We’d rather prefer saying that there are certain areas in which Telegram simply outclasses WhatsApp. Be it it’s protocol that’s touted to be unbreakable, or its bots which not only entertain you, but help in everyday tasks.

It should be noted that while the tech giant Facebook has added the feature of bots to its own messaging app, Messenger, they have existed for long on Telegram. This is also the reason that the bots on Telegram are more developed and have a better UI than the ones on Messenger.

In this article, we will take you through the list of the ten most popular bots on Telegram, also providing a glimpse in the future of bots, in IM apps. All you need to do to interact with the bots, is open Telegram, tap on the “add contact” symbol, tap on the magnifier icon, and type the name of the bot, as shown in the list below.

Although, some bots require you to directly type their name, followed by the “@” symbol, in the conversation.

  • @Wiki– This bot allows you to browse Wikipedia through Telegram, directly. All you need to do is send the topic’s name, and you’ll be presented with an overview of it. You can also choose to open the full version of it, in your browser.

telegram bot


  • @Weathermanbot – All you need to do is select your language, and send the name of your city to it, to get an update (or hourly updates) of your city’s weather.

telegram bot


  • @delorean_bot – Want to receive reminders from a bot? Add this bot and add any reminder, along with the date or/and time of when you want to be reminded about it, and the bot will message you the reminder. Don’t have an excuse for forgetting the laundry now, do you?


telegram bot


  • @metrics_bot – Google Analytics, the robust system which helps thousands of web developers maintain their websites and blogs, can be at your fingertips with this bot. A nifty bot that brings your Analytics information to you in a quick way.


telegram bor

  • @Sticker – Now here’s a fun one. With this bot, you can find fresh, funky, and relevant stickers for your favorite emoji. Also, you don’t have to be in the bot’s interface to do so, you can do it directly from any chat of yours.


telegram bot

  • @jdqbot – This one may seem a little different that all the bots mentioned in this list. Buddhism, is a religion, rather a way of life that never ceases to amaze us. The bot sends you quotes from Buddhist masters of various traditions. All you need to do, is type a search term, and you’ll be presented with a quote. Simple enough, right?


telegram bot

  • @music – While this one is merely for classical music, if you are a fan of classical geniuses, such as Mozart, this one is for you. You can either send the name of a classical musician, to get a list of their songs, or tap on “Get random music”, to get a list of classical tracks.


telegram bot

  • @GitHubBot – If you are a developer, this bot can prove to be immensely useful. Often times, you may miss out on notifications of events in GitHub repositories, and also post comments directly from your Telegram account.


telegram bot

  • @Pomodoro_timer_bot – Pomodoro (developed in the late 1980s Francesco Cirillo) is a tried and tested method of increasing one’s productivity. You choose a task, start the timer, start working, work till the timer rings, take a short break (5-10 minutes). This whole process is called one pomodoro. After a few pomodoros, you take a long break (20-30 minutes).

This break not only allows your mind and body to freshen themselves up, but also increases your productivity by helping you relax on a timely basis.

telegram bot


  • @GrowthBot – Last but not the least, this bot sends you effective and short growth tips and hacks every day. While these hacks may seem small, they can often help you up in easing things in your life. They are hacks after all, aren’t they?



Special mentions – Like most other logical lists, ours also includes special mentions, bots which deserve to be listed here, even if they aren’t part of the top 10.

  • @vid – Often times, there are videos on YouTube that end up catching your eye. While you can always open the YouTube app and use the share button to share the links with your friends, this nifty bot allows you to search for a video directly from a conversation, and share the link.


telegram bot


  • @imdb – “Which movie should we watch today?” is a question that always finds inception among friends and family. With this time-saving bot, you can search for a movie directly from the app itself, and share the movie’s details, summary, and more with your contacts.

telegram bot


While these are the most popular bots in Telegram, doesn’t mean these are the only ones. All you need to do to explore them, is tap on new conversation, tap the magnifier icon, and type any topic that interests you. You’ll be presented with a list of all the related bots.

It should be noted that the bots are from third-party developers, something that most other IMs will be reluctant about. The essence of Telegram, in the end, lies in its standard-setting features.

That’s our list for today. Do tell us about your experiences with, and queries related, to Telegram bots, in the comment section below.

Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free

Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free​

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