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Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free​

10 Most Powerful Categories in Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging app that has made its name among the users for a single reason: it’s simple.

In a world where our apps just meant for messaging, are getting options for adding posts, stories and what not, Telegram stands out by allowing you to do one thing: messaging.

Now, a really cool feature of the app is “channel”. So, what is a channel?

A channel is similar to a broadcast that you can join to receive messages from the hosts. Simply speaking, you can join certain channels of categories such as technology, automobiles and the others to receive updates about them. In this article, we’ll be talking about the most popular categories in Telegram, along with the most popular channels related to them.

  • Technology

Telegram Technology group, one can never get enough of it. We are living in a generation where we have AI that can take decisions for us, automobiles which drive themselves and phone screens that get healed themselves after cracking. You can never be too updated, which is why, Technology is the top Telegram category in our list.

Below are the most popular channels related to technology –

  • Web Dev
  • Linux Gram
  • Trick Info
  • KTF How To


  • Studies

Let’s face it, Studies has never been a too beloved discipline for the most of us. But for the ones who try to see it in everything? Mathematics is life.

Below are the channels that you can subscribe to if you want to know more about this –

  • My Easy Math
  • Java Math
  • Math Channels
  • Mathematics
  • World Math
  • English

No matter how much you love your native language, in this era of information, English has become a global language. It’s easy, it’s simply and it has immense benefits.

These are the Telegram channels that you can join for improving your English reading, writing and speaking skills.

  • Curiosity Tea
  • My English Store
  • English For Tomorrow
  • Grammarfy
  • Learn English
  • Science

Be it testing static electricity by using a paper and a comb or learning about the parallel universes theory where you are me and I am you, science is something that we all love.

Increasing your knowledge of science will allow you to learn some really mind-blowing things about both your surroundings and the universe and also help you in hacking your daily life’s tasks for making everything more efficient.

Below are the science channels on Telegram –

  • Science Tube
  • Science and Tech
  • Science
  • Motivation / Religion

We are humans and we get demotivated, as simple as that. Whether it is writing the novel that you have been waiting to write for so long or hitting the gym early morning to get the perfect summer body, Religion is a must.

These Telegram groups and channels about motivation will help you in keeping yourself pumped up with motivational quotes, stories and videos –

  • Motivational Community Group
  • Motivation Guarantee
  • Motivational, Inspiring, Mind-Shifting
  • Be Motivate



  • Quotes

Don’t you just love waking up in the morning and reading a quote about life that fills you with hope and positivity? Well, we do too. These Telegram channels will provide you with deep and uplifting quotes to keep you going throughout the day.

  • Get Quote
  • Minor Quotes
  • Be The Light
  • Quote
  • Great Quotation


  • Kpop Telegram Channel

Korean Pop music is something that the new generation is very fond of. Be it their energetic music, charming looks or music videos, there’s something about these bands that has gotten people hooked.

Follow these Telegram channels to stay updated regarding the latest news of Kpop –

  • Kpopsongs
  • Kpop music
  • Kpop song
  • Kpop


  • Art and Photography

Everybody loves art, that’s the nature of it that makes us happy. Be it in the form of a painting or a photograph, art amuses us all.

Below are the Telegram channels that you can join if you like art and photography –

  • Painting place
  • Art planet
  • Best Photo On The World
  • Beautiful Land


  • Ebooks

Gone are the times when people used to carry bulky books around, subscribe the below channels to get your favorite Ebooks –

  • Ebooks
  • @poetry
  • Indian Knowledge Book


  • Architecture

If you like amazing structures and architectures, you can follow the channels below to learn interesting things about architectures from around the world –

  • Architecture
  • Professional Architect
  • MAG Architecture
  • Archlute

Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free

Increase the number of your channel's subscribers easily and free​

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